Saturday, 30 December 2017

Juldagen 2017

Juldagen firar jag alltid med mina föräldrar och systrar. Och vovvarna såklart.
Vi brukar bara mysa, äta något gott och bara njuta av livet och varandra. Det händer vi ser en film, typ White Christmas som är min favorit, men inte i år.

Här kommer bilder på vad jag fick unde rjulen i år. Är inte säker på att resten av min familj vill vara med på kort så.

En ny tjocktröja. Jag nämnde för min far att jag slitit ut den andra så dragkedjan gett upp hoppet.

En handduk med delfin på. 

Och te!! Har inte provat den än, men det låter lovande.

Ett armband med mitt stjärntecken, skorpion. Det åkte på direkt!

En pyjamas med världens gulligaste Ior på.

Och vantar i en underbar vinröd färg. Man kan aldrig få för många vantar och halsdukar!

Nytt motljusskydd till min nya kamera. Yes, I am a Nikon kinda gal!

En urmjuk kofta som Millan hade med sig tillbaka från Japan.

Någon form av likör?

Och av Ninni fick jag presentkort på Kicks. 

Jag har haft en supermysig jul och tack snälla för alla fina klappar!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Julafton 2017

Jag och älskling startade en egen tradition för några jular sen. vi är själva julafton och sen juldagen firar vi oftast på varsitt håll med våra respektive familjer. VI är båda så trötta på all julstress och måsten. Så julafton vi helt själva och bestämmer själv vad vi gör och äter och när vi gör det.
Jag är uppväxt med att man MÅSTE umgås med alla i familjen på julafton. Så när jag fick bestämma själv och blev lite vuxnare blev det att julafton blev den dag då jag bestämmer själv vilka jag umgås med. Jag hatade allt vad jul hette i många år. Men nu tycker jag jul är helt ok, för nu får jag fira på mina egna villkor. Ibland måste man stanna upp och verkligen fundera på vad som är fel och vad man vill.

Här kommer lite bilder från min julafton.

Jag försökte ta ett sedvanligt julkort på hunden. Men i år är det ny hund och dessutom en valp som inte alls tyckte det var kul att samarbeta.

Till sist fick vi till något bra i alla fall. Denna bild skickades till syskon med familjer. Den ovan skickades till vänner och familj.

Såhär såg jag ut dagen till ära. Det här med selfies är inte alls min grejj. Tar hellre kort på allt och alla andra än mig själv. Trivs himla bra i mitt korta hår faktiskt.

Tvångsgos med Tassadar!

Till Kalle blev det fika. Älskling duakde upp och gjorde fint medans jag fixade med det tekniska.

Musse Pigg fika till Kalle.

Efter att ha sett halva Foreigner med Jackie Chan och Pierce Brosnan var vi hungriga. I vårt förhållande är det min sambo som står för mat och duka upp fint. Han tycker det är så roligt och här enormt duktig på det så jag misstycker inte alls. Honungsglacerade revben, hemmagjorda köttbullar och lax är ett måste på julen. Ost och julskinka är bara bonus!

Min julklapp från äskling.
Vad jag fick tar vi i ett annat inlägg.

Vi tittade på ojuliga filmer och bara myste. Tassadar fick med egna paket som vi var tvugna att visa honom hur man öppnade. Himla kul att se honom upptäcka världen.
Jag hade en supermysig julafton.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Changing Format

Hi guys!

I've decided to keep on blogging, but Imma change up the format a bit. From now on I'll be blogging about whatever comes to mind. Be it about my life, cars, beauty or my new baby puppy, I will write about it. I might move the blog though over to If that happens, I'll leave a link over here for you to follow. I will most certainly keep the fiaapproves part. I might however change the language back to my native language. We'll see.
I hope you'll enjoy the new format and keep on reading.
I have a lot to share that's been happening over the past year.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I've been thinking alot about this space for a while now. I haven't posted anything on here in absolutely ages. I kind of miss it but at the same time I don't have the urge or drive.
My life was a total mess and roller coaster last year. It took a hard toll on me mentally and still does.
I've thought about writing about it on here, for my own sake you know. I've always been better at expressing me in writing than I have orally. But at the same thime, when I created this blog I was adamant it was to be a pure buty blog. Not a whats going on in my life and everything there in between kinda blog.
And why would anyone be interested in reading about what I do from day to day, what I've been going thru. See all the photos I take with my DSLR. I really should write down my story somewhere. For myself, for my own kind of peace of mind. Keep it on a harddrive somewhere for noone to read.
I've been struggeling a lot with what to do with this place.
I looged on here today for the first time since my last post and saw that some of you still find your way here. How? Thank you!

So, does anyone of you who find your way here value the oppinions I have? Want me to take this up again? I've always done this for my own sake, til now...

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Favorites 2017

Yep, this month I do have some serious favorites.
Clinique repairwear laser focus eye cream:
I seriously like this stuff. Got in my advent calendar and have been using this ever since.
Ole Henriksen african red tea foaming clenser:
You might've seen me rave about this before. It smells amazing and makes my face feel so clean and fresh without stripping it of all moisture. Recommend this! It is a bit pricey so I always get it around christmastime in giftset.
Ole Henriksen sheer transformation:
It is a day cream which contains vitamin c, licorice root and pea extract. I haven't noticed any majoir differences in my complexion but I really like it none the less.
Maybelline Fit me foundation:
I just ran out of my old one when the new one arrived. This is for normal to oily skin but I am more one the dry to normal side of things and still like it. I like the mattifying and poreless properties of it. This stuff stays put all day and looks better halfway throught the day.
IsaDora Grand volume lash styler:
This is seriously amazing! First mascara with a silicone wand that I can use and actually like.
When wearing this my lashes look really long and black and almost like I'm wearing false lashes-

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New in - Shoppingtherapy at Asos

I felt like shopping last weekend but was stuck at home. That's when online shopping comes in handy. Found alot of goodies on Asos.
Rimmel Fresher skin foundation in 100 Ivory (A total guesswork and hope it suits my skintone)
Maybelline Fit me foundation in 115
L'Oreal True Match highlight in Golden glow
L'Oreal Sexybalm in 103 As if!
L'Oreal Gold obsession lipstick in Nude Gold
Bourjois Contour clubbing waterproof  eyeliner in 60 Taupe of the top

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Product Empties - First of 2017

Hi lovelies!
I thought I'd share som trash with you all today.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder: I love this stuff! Halfway through another one.
Kicks Hydrating primer: Loved this one as well. Might buy this again when I'm done with my current one.
Elf Hydrating face primer: Didn't finish it, just threw it away. Really horrible!
Sephora Primer: It worked okay. A bit expensive given how little was actually in the bottle.
IsaDora BB cream: Not totally thrilled by it and I detested the bottle! And since it was a travelsized item I am even more surprised that they opted for a none travelfriendly design. I would never travel with it! A rattlesnake is more cooperative than this!
Aco Protecting Daycram 25+: I was given this by  my mom to try out so she could recommend it to her customers. It broke me out the first two weeks of use and then it was sort of okay. I didn't really care for it.
Body Shop Aloe Soothing gel:  A really nice product over all.  How ever, I didn't find it that cooling and soothing nor did it do anything in the long run. Might try it again.
Elizabeth Arden Skinstart: I was given this tester when I ordered something online and oh my gosh did my skin love it! It lasted really long as well! Sad times when I finished it and found out how much it retails for.

Top to bottom
Cocoa Brown 1hour tan mousse: This turned bad on me and came out green! To be fair, Iäve had it for more than a year. Not superexcited over it and I will be trying other things before even considering buying this again.
Schwarzkopf got2b dryshampoo: Only three bottles this time, must be a new record. Love this stuff!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New In - Tripple the Essie

After having recieved sooo many gorgeous polishes in the calendar I certainly didn't need any more in my life. But then we were shopping one day and H&M had this amazing deal, 3 for 2 on all the beauty items on sale. OMG, those are dangerous words to a makeup lover.
 The purple one in the middle is actually matte, a metallic matte! Didn't even know Essie did those.
Three utterly gorgeous shades that I will get much use out of.
L-R: Loot the Booty, Coat Couture and Classical Cliché.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 24

The final day!
A little pouch. Front.


A tiny perfumebottle. A nice surprice, sadly not a scent to my liking.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 23

This will be interesting to try out. The shade is natural so it could work come summertime.

More nailstickers.