Friday, 23 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 22

Never used and never will. Anyone?

Yay! Handy travelsized facial cleanser that most definetly will be going with me on a trip some day.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 21

A black eyepen with glitters in it. Will come in very handy given the season.

Yes thank you for giving me a nailbase now when I've bought two from Depend. Oh!

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 20

Makeup removers have never been my thing. I like the standard facewashes/cleansers. But I will give this a go and let you guys know what I think.

These will be finding a new home. I don't get the point of these. The idea is fun but no.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 19

Scrub, scrub.

Another cookiecutter

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 18

My calendar even contains a surprise for the man in my life. He wants to let you know that it doesn't taste any good. Don't ask.

The cutest keyringthingymajig.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 17

This was a fun gift to get! A cookie cutter shaped like an Essie bottle!

I've been waiting to get a serum! I almost bought one the other day before getting this!

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 16

A nicely sized brush that I have no idea what to use for.
I'll either keep it or give it away. I haven't decided yet.

This looks interesting. A topcoat that says anti-chip on. I will put this to the test!!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 15

A peachy kind of blush properly namned "Innocent Peach" As you may know I don't use blushers. Might give this a go, might give it away.

Another full size polish in a nude shade with a hint of peach called "High class affair". This is the kinda shade that either looks very good on you or like you're dead. Can't wait to find out how it looks on me.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 14

Only ten more days to go!

Another gorgeous shade in the mix. This time a pale purple. "Virgin Snow" and it's a full size.

"dramatically different moisturizing lotion+". I had to google what this was for. It's meant to go on your face but I tried it on the back of my hand and it smells awful and feels to thick for my liking. Nope, might use it for handcream or something instead, but it's going nowhere near my face.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 13

Can we just take a moment and look at this gorgeous color? A sea bluegreen color with micrglitters in. "Viva Antigua" and it's full size.

You can never have to many eyecreams it seems. "Repair laser focus" Tried this twice now and it's really nice.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 12

"Moisture surge overnight mask" This is gonna come in handy one of these days.

A nailbuffer. Might give this away or just toss it. I'm not into these kind of things. I have tried them but ended up not liking it.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 11

It's been ages since I used any kind of face water after having washed my face.  I can't remember ever liking one. I will try this when I got brake outs but not on a daily basis. It smells to strong of alcohol.

A pinky corally color that looks more wearable than the other one. This is called "Lounge Lover" and was also a star in their Spring Collection this year. Also a full size.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 10

An eyelashcurler. This is one of those things that I don't use. I don't see them making any difference that is worthwhile on me. This little thing will be finding a new home.

A foresty green shade called "Off Tropic". If I'm not mistaken this was a part of their Spring Collestion this year. This is a fullsize too.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 9

A BB Cream in the shade 02. I don't know if this is the same one that I tried a while back and didn't like. I'll have to go back and check. If not, I will try it but I don't have any high hopes. Fun to get a make up item after all teh skincare.

A glass nailfile. If they're gonna put a nailfile in the calendars I'd rather see it's a glass one.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 8

"Super Defense SPF20" My face is gonna be so spoilt by all these goodies.

A gorgeous berry red which is perfect for this time of year, It's called "Party on a platform".

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 7

"All about the eyes" , which I'm guessing is an eyecream. Excited!

A gorgeous gold polish called "Getting groovy"

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 6

Deep Comfort hand and cuticle cream. Not superexcited over this but it's a nice size to have in my bag or in my pants at work.

A peachy orange number called "Resort Fling"

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 5

A clearcoat from Essie. I already have this and I love it!

Rinse off foaming cleanser. Neat travel size to take on a trip. Or use at home when I feel extra fancy.

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 4

Moisture surge intense face cream, yay!

Satin Sister. Unsusre if this is a color I would waer. I'll have to give it a go.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 3

Today I got these goodies to play with!

Lipstick in "Blushing Nude" Looks a bit dark and scary.

And a polish I've been looking at before. "Mademoiselle".

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 2

Day two was less exciting on the Essie front but good in the Clinique.
Some kind of handcreme. Didn't even know Essie made one. I don't really care for foilpackages in general. Too much for one use and too little for two.

A mascara to try! So excited!

Advent Calendars 2016 Day 1

It's finally time to crack open the advent calendars. I've been glancing at mine for the past two weeks. I was lucky enough to get given a second one for my birthday. I will do a seperate post on what I got later on.

For now, we will take a peek at what I got day 1.

A glitter polish from Essie named "Tassle Shaker" and a Chubby stick in "07 Super Strawberry" from Clinique. 
Every day will be something from Essie and Clinique. 24 Days of joy!!