Tuesday, 17 May 2016

H&M Beauty

I don't think anyone of you missed that H&M released a whole new makeup range. They massively increased the quality of their products and the prices went up a bit. I personally don't mind that, they are still affordable and sooo much better. If I could I think I would buyat least half of the range. When they first were released I had to limit myself to just one or maybe two items. I had a blast swatching all fo their new eyeshadows. Anyways, I ended up picking up this lipstick that I had made a mental note about. I am the type of person who writes down the exact name of a product so I can buy it later when I see it in a review or a haul and I like it.
The tube is made of plastic, half white and half gold.

The name and number is written on the bottom on a colorrepersentation that I think is a rather poor match for the actual color.

The bullet is you typical slanted one. Not much to go  on here. The outside is much darker than the actual product. When I first put it on I was horrified at how brown it was. I nearly threw it away, But as uýou can see at the tip it kust the very outer layer. It is much lighter and much more wearable.
 It also has a faint scent of vanilla too it.

It is still  more on the browner side of nudes that pink or peach. I like this alot despite my initial reaction. It looks like it would be smooth and nourishing but if you have dry lips this will klink to that and exaggerate it. So make sure you exfoliate your lips beforehand and put on a good balm underneath. Lip-anythiung never lasts any amount of time on me but I can get out at least 1 hour of wear without having to reapply it.

At the moment I can't find it anywhere on H&M's website so I don't know if it's still available, but if you can find it in your store, I suggest giving it a look.

3.5g 99SEK (£8.36 $12 and 10.62 Euro)

Friday, 13 May 2016

Makeup Revolution London - Iconic 3 Palette

I've had this palette for abouta year now and thought it due time to give you guys my opinion of it.
Makeup Revolution, or Revolution, is starting to pop up everywhere now. I had never heard of the brand before when I got this but they ahd loads of stuff that was appealing to me.
The packaging does look nice and sleek. Everyone back when I got this tried to make copies of Urban Decay's oh so loved Naked Palettes. This is no exception.

Since I never could make up my mind which one to get this was a good alternative.

A nice variety of rosy colors. You have evrything from your very daytime nude to your night out smokier shades.

You will notice straight of that the lighter shades are very powdery and uneven.
They smell exactly like the cheap kids makeup that I frist encountered as a little girl.
YOu know the ones that came in plastic hearts and that was only meant for fun and games?

The fifth shade from the left is without a doubt my favorite shade of these. They feel buttery smooth, like they would melt and the darker shades swatches pretty ok.

They don't blend incredibly well and you have to work them in for a while. Nor is the staying power any good and I noticed itching on my arm straight after swatching these. They may swatch really well but loaded up on a brush they are so so in pigmentation. As I said, I've had them for about a year now and I never reach for them. I will be retiering this to the bin without any regrets. I don't want to risk putting anything on my face that irritates my much less sensitive skin on my arms.

I got mine from craycray.se and I paid like 69SEK for it at the time. (£5.85 $8.48 and 7.43 Euro)
I will be trying more from the brand in the future and let you guys know what I think.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nyx Hot Singles Eyeshadow

I was beyond excited when I saw that Kicks started carrying Nyx makeup on their site. They are otherwise very har dto find ins tores here. You can order them directly of Nyx's own swedish webshop too. 
I debated a while which colours to get and googled around for swatches of them. These two made the final cut. I opted for something more subtle and something I could vear on a day to day basis, fooling myself that I would actually make the effort every morning before heading to work. Those of you who have been following me for a while knows that I am in a very male dominated line of work and don't always feel like sticking out too much.

They come in the cutest dinky packaging. You open them up tugging just under the bow. How cute id that bow??

I couldn't find a swatch anywhere of  Naked Truth, the one to the left, so that was a bit if a gamble. I found a lot of nice swatches of Sin however (to the right)

But, as you see, that didn't help me out very much. They are very very sheer and feels stiff in the pan. On the upside they don't kick off any powder nor do they smell of anything in perticular. THey weren't that expensive so my thought was if I ended up not liking them, that wouldn't be such a big tragedy. The plan was to depot them and put them in my lilac Z Palette, but seeing as how they performed, I'm not gonna bother.

The on I actually could see me continue using is Naked Truth. Perfect to blend out another shade in the crease or use as a light wash over the entire lid to give a nice base for any other shadow. Sin on the other hand disappointed me greatly. I thought it would be a very nice powder version of Maybellines Color Tatto in Pink Gold. This is kinda nice to put over it but it doesn't make that hughe of a difference. I don't get how the people from the photos got this to show up at all in the pictures.

I will order more of this sometime soon and see how I get on with those. These I don't recommend.
1.5g 49SEK (£4.17 $6.02 and 5.28 Euro)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Kicks Hydrating Primer

I've been on the hunt for a more hydrating primer of late. My skin is acting up and is just being a pain in general right now. I found this and thought I'd give it a whirl. Read on to find out my thoughts about it.

You'll recognize the packaging from my previous post. Really sleek and easy to storage.
On the back it says "A hydrating primer that leaves an immediate cooling, refreshing sensation on the skin. Formulated with water from a Swiss thermal  spring, it helps hydrate and soften the skin. Over time it smoothes and refines the skin's pores and neutralizes shiny zones."

It comes out blue, but blends in to the skin clear. You wont end up looking like a smurf.
Smells fresh and nourishing.
It does feel cooling on the skin at first and very hydrating. It blends into the skin beautifully and gives a nice base for the next step in my beauty rutine. I really enjoy using this, I let this work it's magic during the day and I can put my full attention to my job and not worrying about my makeup. So far I havent noticed any effects in the long run and I doubt I will.

30ml 159SEK (£13.54 $19.78 and 17.28 Euro)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Kicks BB Cream

Since we're fast approaching the warmer months and I was in the mood for something a bit more fuss free I ordered a BB Cream from Kicks. I haven't tried a lot of their own makeup before so I didn't really know what to expect.

It comes in your standard plastic tube. I think it looks rather sleek with the silver embossing on it.

No pump which has started to become a trendy thing on otherwise squeezing tubes.
I like the idea of BB creams. Targeting your skin issues, having abuilt in SPF and being slightly tinted.

They come in three shades. Light, medium and dark, which is pretty much standard for these products. I got the lightest shade thinking better too light than too dark. Turns out, the lightes shade is a tiny bit too dark for me. I am not the palest person in the universe so I was shocked by this. I can make it work by using a tiny ammount. The formula is very nourishing and light feeling, takes a minute to blend in and saldy enough, it is pink i undertone. I am yellow to neutral. It oxidises a bit darker too. I have to be really careful not to put too much on and set it properly with powder. It isn't as fuss free as I had hoped. And seeing as it is made my a Swedish brand I thought it really would be lighter in colour. I think I will keep on using it. Otherwise Kicks has a policy on their own brand, shouldn't you like it for whatever reason you can return it and get a full refund.

30ml 149SEK ($18.54 £12.68 and 16.19 Euro)