Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black

I've never owned a Maybelline mascara before so the expectations weren't really that high. I had a look around their display in search of a mascara that was voluminous and intensely black. And without a rubber och silicone wand. My eyes can't stand those. I picked this up on a whim and I kinda like it.

I didn't think  much of the formula at first. It took some getting used to. It is somewhere in between wet, waxy and dry. It's more on the dry side. You have to be pretty quick about getting it just right, mess it up and you'll end up with spider-leg looking lashes. That is my only complaint. I want to be able to comb through at least two times. Which I can do if I don't get so much product on the brush and can distribute it evenly and thin on my lashes. I still have to be pretty quick about it.

It stays on all day with no smudging or flaking, apart from fading a bit at the ends after 12 hours. 
Overall I am happy with it but I much prefer Lancomes Definicils over this. But again, this is much much cheaper. And it's "drugstore".

Which are you mascara faves?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Unboxing

I debated with myself for absolutely ages whether or not to get a palette. If I was worth that kind of splurge and if I could afford it. When I finally ticked all the boxes I literally talked my fiances ears of to go get it. I bugged him for two weeks non stop to get it. My nearest Sephora and the only place that sells it is an hours drive away. I could go by myself but I love his input in the makeup stores and I love taking long drives with him. Sounds cheesy hu? So late a Saturday night he surprised me with a shopping trip.

 And now, it's finally mine! MINE!!! Mohahahahaha
 Love that you have the names of the shadows on the back.
 So stinking cute packaging!
 I tried the Milk Chocolate look the very next day. Did not take a pic of it for you to enjoy.
 It smells amazing! You don't even have to get it out of the box and open it to enjoy the scent.
But, I don't think it smells anything like chocolate. Maybe like white chocolate. To me it smells like vanillin sugar.
 All the shades are utterly gorgeous! Even the shades I was, and still are, afraid of to wear on my eyes.
 You can get so many looks out of this. You can take a really soft neutral look to a smokey nighttime look in a jiffy. Mattes and shimmers galore.
 I promise you this is the very real thing. However, mine did come without the plastic cover thingy on the inside. The on e that protects the shadows and have all the names on. That was a major disappointment but not a single shadow was touched. And I don't think our Sephoras here does returns so. I shrugged it of and I will never ever throw the packaging away. Mine lives in it in a drawer.
Extra bonus try out things. I jumped for joy to get my hands on glamglow!

I looooove my palette and next to the kitchen it is the best thing I've spent my money on this year! I used it for a week nonestop but then I got ecsema on one of my eyelids. TMI I know. I was terrified I had have an allergic reaction to this But it just turned out to be ecsema. And I've had it before so now I've been without eyeshadows or anything on my eyes for a week straight. Worst week ever!!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Nail it Friday: Rimmel Mercury

My mum gave me this a while back. She thought it would match a pair of my jeans that she liked. At the time they did but sadly, colored clothes fades a bit from washing and wear. Still, the thought was sweet.

The bottle feels really nice with sturdy glass and the black slightly slanted plastic top. It feels more luxurious for some reason. I'm a sucker for design.

It's a gorgeous olive green shade with golden glimmer in it. Two coats in the picture for getting that deep shine. You can get away with slapping on one thick.
This is what it looked like after a week. This is a new thing I will do with all polishes. Hunneys idea actually. This is the only honest way to show you how it wears. Now, I don't have a deskjob. I work with my hands all day long.

I love this shade and I wear it alot. I normally don't like green shades but this fits me nicely. I highly recommend it. I don't know what Mercury has to do with olive green but hey, it works for me.
I have no idea what it costs since it was a gift. But next time you pass a Rimmel display, give this a look.

Monday, 6 April 2015

L'Oreal Elnett

I think everyone, or just about, has tried this at some point or other. Everyone I've heard loves it. Even the scent.

Then this might comes as even more of a shock, I hate the scent! I cannot stand it at all! It's  flowery and strong and horrible! And we only get this version over here. I'm not saying it's bad as a hairspray. For that it actually works okay. It doesn't get hard or crunchy which is a bonus!
The packaging is nice except for the lid. I just don't get it. I want a lid you put over the nozzle so you can't accidentally push product out. Is it just me?

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favorites

Finally a month where I feel that I've discovered something new and really liked something. The past two months have been kinda mhe on that front.

From left to right:
Bourjois Bronzing Powder + highlighter
Schwarzkopf Got2B dry shampoo. Smells amazing by the way.
Maybelline Browsatin. Like the pencil end for natural days. Which is every workday lets be honest.
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. Can't get enough of it!
NUXE Masque Créme Fraiche de Beauté. Which is just a fancy french name for daily moisturizer.
Nivea Sensitive Night Cream. I gave this some hate at first but this have been a savior for my skins outburst!
A noname angled duo-fiber eyeshadowbrush.
And my RealThecniques Expert Face brush that I can't to live without. I refuse to!!

Tell me, what have you been loving this month?