Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Gifts from Austria

My parents just came back from a trip to Austria. I'm so envious! I wish I could've gone too and tried the wines and strolled through history. But I don't want the busride down there. If I were tog o I would either fly or drive myself. They were so sweet and brought me and my sisters some goodies from their trip.

I am one happy and lucky duck! (Girl)!! I didn't even know that they would do a smaller size of the DKNY perfume! I'm so happy and grateful for everything but the perfume especially. They brought back a hoodie as well that will be perfect for snuggling in.

I'm gonna put the perfume on my desk as decoration and inspiration while I drink my tea and nibble away on the chocolates! Thank you mum and dad!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Oh my!

I just took a look at what my blog looks like from your perspective and I was horrified to find out that the bigger pictures that I've started with looks incredibly silly and out of proportion!! They just go beyond the border and everything. That looks insane and not very good! I'm gonna have to sort that out. You have to tell me when I goof up! Other than that I must say that the pictures looks better well published than what they do when I write the posts.

Hope all of you are having a nice Saturday night whether you've just woken up, are on your way to bed like me (yay), on your way out to a party or heading out for work!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Seashore Frosts

I was digging through my things looking for something to review for you guys. And I remembered I haven't reviewed this one yet. I've used it a ton so it's kinda strange that it just slipped my mind. Maybe not that strange considering everything that's been going on.

Anyway. I ordered this online a couple of weeks ago and was beyond the moon with happiness when I found it. I haven't seen this anywhere else here and I know it's been out for a really long time in the US. They only carry four of the shades from this line and this looked the most interesting. There is another shade that I have my eye on. Gonna drop honey some hints for my birthday. Or not.

The packaging is their standard glass jar with a plastic lid on it.One thing I have noticed is that it does have it's name on there. On the lid very well jammed in with the other text. See it?

 I think the name suits it really well. Bear in mind that it might be named something else where you are from.
It's a seafoamy blue color with golden and purpelypink shimmer to it. Unfortunately it came cracked around the edges. I'm guessing it got too hot somewhere in transport.
 My first thoughts were that it was really shear and barely had any color to it.
 But with practice and trying I managed to build up the color.
 Depending on how the light hits it you either get a seablue or a golden look.

Since it is from the color tattoo range you would think it would have the staying power as such. Nope. No matter what I do or what primer I use this little gem wears of really quickly. You have to reblend and reapply it throughout the whole day! No matter the weather and what you're doing. It's a very wearable color even for me with blue eyes. I didn't think it would look as good as it does.

Have you tried any colors of this collection? Did yours stay all day or is the whole collection like this?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Nail it Friday: Nailpolish cleanout

Last time I did my nails I found a lot of polishes that had dried up. And while I was at it, I decided to get rid of the ones I don't like too.
 Yeah, some of them are pretty dried up.
 Nr. 28 from Depend was a multidimensional lightpink with some pearly purple and blue shimmer.
 Nr.159 also from Depend was a pastel solid purple.
 729 Marzipan from IsaDora might be familiar to some of you. A pastel solid light green. Still alive but hate it!
 Nr.12 Or scintillant from Luminelle was a sparkly gold.
 Nr.501 Coquille from Yria was a peachy pearly color. Much loved and used through many many years.
 Nr.21 Orange Sanguine from Yves Rocher is a bloodorange oral color which is horrible in every way!
Nr.03 Rose Reflects was a throughout pearly color! Very gorgeous! If I were to repurchase any of these colors this would be it!

I could probably through out more but these were the ones I found that were dried up and just felt that "No, they can't live with me anymore!".

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I really should get these hauls numbers or put something catchy in it!
I did some shopping yesterday before me and hunny went to the movies.
 I used up my daycream/faceprimer a week ago and I tried substituting it with something I had lying around but it totally backfired on me! This has changed my life and face! I've never said this about a product before. I used to flare up very bad and get really redhot in my face around four or five in the evening but it hasn't happened once when I was using this. The week I wasn't using it came back. Haven't missed that one bit! How do we like the box to container ratio?
 I've been in a dire need of a nightcream for years! This is one thing I'm skipping in my skincare routine. Shame on me! I have very high expectations on this.
If there's anyone who loves my hair more than me, cares for it more than me it is my hunny! He even asked a girl at his work what she was using in her colored hair to keep it healthy and she recommended this! So he made me get it! Isn't he sweet? Anyone tried this and liked it?

Keep an eye out for reviews of these. Or at least the two bottom ones. The first one you've heard me rave about for ages now!

Friday, 5 September 2014

August Favorites

Or more the lack there of.
Hello my little nightowls!
This month there wont be an august favorites post. I could fill one with a lot of nonesense but it doesn't feel sincere. Frankly I haven't liked anything new this month and if I were to be reoetitve one more month you all would hunt me down and tell me to quit it already! So instead I would once again like to thank all of you people from all around the globe for taking some time out of your day to read my thoughts. I can't for the life of me comprehend that people from India, Poland, Ukraine and even as far away as Russia have found my blog! Most of my readers are from Sweden and the Us. And that has me thrilled beyond the moon! But when odd countries you never thought would find you do, you take a moment and send them some happy thoughts! Even UK and France have found their way here. I can say Hi in many languages but not in hindi or polish. Or ukrainian for that matter. I'm quite proud to admit that I can say hi in russian. Might have something to do with the good ol' gaming days.

Now stop blabbering and go to bed already!