Tuesday, 29 July 2014

WetnWild eyeshadows

I've always hated on wetnwild becuase of that cover wheel. I've looked at their stuff and decided against it so many times. But then I watched the makeup swap thingy with GlamlifeGuru and TalkBeckyTalk. They made me do this! I totally blame those two beautiful girls for this!

 Walking on eggshells and Nutty.
 A lovely pearly white, a goldenbronze and a very nice pearly pink. Not a bad shade in here!
 A taupybroze. Absolutely gorgeous. And sadly a shot I can't retake. I broke it not 12 hours after this photo!
Still need to work on these sort of shots. But you get the general idea. 

I'm gonna continue to play around with them but so far I really like them. I am pleasantly surprised!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cleaning out my makeup

I'm pretty sure there's an Eminem song that goes "I'm cleaning out my closet", which automatically started playing in my head as I was typing the headline. Never liked Eminem so I don't know why.

Since I've been buying myself some new makeup I thought it time to get rid of some old. Again. I cleaned out pretty hard when we moved back in January. But some pieces made it to the new place and I still haven't used them.

I think you'l only recognize the IsaDora primer which I hated on a while back. Still hate it. It's just something off about it. The rest is a lipbalm which is supposed to smell like grapes. Tastes and smells sour and fermented and makes me feel  sick every time I wear it. Two eyepencils. The silvery one is from Nivea way back when they did a whole range of makeup. Please bring that back! I loved the ricebased foundation! Anyone else remembering that? The eyepencil on the other hand gives me a headache. Smudges and no. The other one behind that is fairly new and it isn't any good either. It's supposed to be a kohl liner. It's hard to work with and wears off almost immediately. Epic fail! A cover it all wheel from WetnWild. No good. Patchy and none creamy. I forced myself to use it and it just wasn't worth it. The green part is too green under anything else, the concealer is to hard and drying. The salmon colored bit kinda works but it defines any fine lines you may have. And if you have really prominent dark circles it wont work. The highlighting part is just a joke.  Next to it is a liquid liner which surprise surprise works but I don't ever wear it. It doesn't look good on me for some reason. I so envy you girls who can rock a cateye!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

I've had this lying around forever and never really gotten around to review it.
This is a gloss you never see used or ever hear mentioned anywhere. And for good reason.

The packaging is a plastic cylindrical tube. Your standard lipgloss container. It has a screw cap with the bog standard doefoot applicator. The scent of it reminds me of one of those candy stores they have in old buildings.

The shade I've got is 110 Keep A Secret. The shade itself is really pretty. It's a light dusty pink kinda color with blue, siver and golden microglitters in it.When there's still the pink under it looks really subtle but when that wears off and it's just glitter, you look like a discoball. Something about it is really 90's. Except that it isn't sticky in any way. It's really hard to get any product out of the tube. I get  the feeling the formula rather sticks to itself rather than cling to the applicator. This particular shade doesn't have that much of colorpayoff and it wares off almost immediately as well. If you're really young or like to top it off every 15 minutes, this is perfect for you. But if you want something that is low maintenance I would skip this. I bet Rimmel does better lipglosses than this.

Which is the worst lipgloss you've ever tried?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

First Impression: Cocoa Brown

I wasn't too long ago I saw this popping up as a new product on Feelunique, but it took me until now to order it.

The packaging is a metal pink can with a nozzle which looks like that of a hairmousse can. The formula is light whipped mousse and it smells a bit of water/honeymelon. It doesn't smell anything like fake tan or suncream. It smells and looks delicious. It took all my will to not taste it.

It says on the can that it's a 1 hour tan mousse. On the back it says to moisturize and exfoliate and all that jazz really well beforehand. Which comes as no surprise. I've done that mistake before. And it says to leave it on for one hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours for a deep color. Rinse off with just water, no soap. Which was a good thing in my case, because I might've used soap.
I moisturized with  a borrowed The Bodyshops satsuma bodybutter. I don't get the hype round this product. It smells weird and nothing like satsumas! Yuck!! I let that sink in for a minute or two, being the eager one. Then I used the mitt that you can buy with it and spritzed out some mousse. It was the weirdest thing ever seeing eatable stuff coming out of a nozzle and on I went. You can easily see where you've put it on or not. I noticed i had to put it on in even strokes and go over some areas again where I'd been a little too eager. I then let it sit put for about an hour and a half. The result of my pale Scandinavian legs being slightly more bronzed. Nothing glittery or glowy. Just a bit more color and it looks super natural. Straight off I couldn't really tell if there was a difference or not. But now, the day after I can really and honestly tell you there is a difference. I will use this later on today or tomorrow and let it sit for two hours and see what happens. I also noticed that crossing my legs with this on was a bad idea, it rubbed off on the back of my other leg. So one leg is slightly paler than the other. Staying of furniture and wear something that you don't care too much for might be a good idea.

Friday, 11 July 2014


I had a perfect schedule panned out and then this happened. I've been m.i.a for over a week now. Well, life happened. I am truly sorry if you miss action in this little space of cyberspace.

Fun fact, I somehow managed to get some of those pescy boilingbubbles in an Essie polish. How? I was in a hurry and just slapped a thick coat on. Lesson learned. I can screw up anything! Otherwise Essie polishes are foolproof and gorgeous!

How's life been treating? Have this heatvawe hit you too?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favorites

Okay people, now we are half way through this year! How the *insert word of choice* did that happen? I know why my year have flown by. I have been missing my sister like crazy! She came home yesterday after having been in Tokyo for 15 months! I'm so proud of my baby sis!

So this month I haven't been liking so much new stuff. Much is the same as last month so please bare with me as this will be a rather repetitive month.

 Do we like the group shots in the beginning or should I leave them out?
 Schwarzkopf BonaCure Hairtherapy Amino Cell Rebuild. Sensitive Soothe styling liquid. It's supposed to give a light hold which I haven't noticed nor have I used it for that purpose. I use it because it has aloe vera in it which will help my sensitive scalp and for the amino cells which will help with the hairs elasticity and strengthen the hair.
 The Batiste we all know and love. I tried the Fresh one this time and I'm not sure about the scent. It smells fresh (duh) but I think I prefer the Tropical one.
I smell yummy from this. This and a soap which was meant to be in here as well but it's empty. Have to get a new one. Anyway, you have all read about this one already so no point in being boring. Love, love, love it! I've used it a ton and it's barely noticeable in the bottle. Hughe plus points!
 From The Body Shop we have a lotion which smells just like grapefruits! You just need a pearlsized amount at a time. A little goes a long way.
 My bestest face-friend right now. Try it!
 Greatest scrub I've ever used. It's almost gone and I will have to get the full size pretty soon. Oh poor me..not!
 A very recent discovery. When I read on the bottle I first thought this is a guy product. Oh well I'll try it anyway. I didn't think it was gonna work on my hair. Let me tell you, my hair refuses to stay curled for very long and if I somehow manage to get some tiny volume in it, it falls flat within 30 minutes. But this stuff works! I work this into my roots and the back of my head and it stays fluffy. And it is re-fluffable throughout the day!
 Some lip products I've been liking the past month.
Revlon Juicy papaya, Demure and Honey. And Maybellines babylips in Peach Kiss.
 My holy grail mascara! The more I use it the more it reminds me of a Lancome mascara I used to love.
And a random thing. The packaging speaks for itself. Yum yum yummy!