Friday, 27 June 2014

Nail it Friday: IsaDora Colibri

Do you ever have those days where you feel kinda down and just need a pick me upper? For me that means doing my nails.
I knew I wanted my Essie glittery one but had a good dig through to find something to pair it with. I found a very old favorite of mine, number 11 Colibri from IsaDora. How pretty is this?! The Color reminds me of Fleet, Pocahontas colibri. So the name is spot on too.
 It is a mermaidy lightblue kinda color with green microglitters in it. It's so multidimensional in color. Why do I want to spell dimensional with de in the beginning? Annoying!! I want to say there's some gold and purple glitters in it as well but it can be my eyes messing with me.
I'm sorry my nails look kinda odd i texture but I've had them breaking and flaking on me the past week. I think I'm missing some minerals. Gonna have to fix that and drink lots of more water.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer

Today I thought I'd finally share my thoughts of the Elf contouring duo I picked up ages ago. I've read somewhere that it's a close dupe for NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher. I know NARS is and expensive brand and has a very avid following. I've looked at their things and swatched it. I wasn't blown away and didn't feel on spending that much money at the time. If this was any good or close to good I considered trying the real deal. But since we are all so different that might be a risk in itself as well.
 The packaging itself looks very much like Nars. Maybe a little bulkier on the top.
 The blush is a rosy pink with golden specks in it and the bronzer  looks like a warm chocolatebrown with golden glitters in it as well. But doesn't look shimmery in any way so it should be good to contour with.
Here we get to the problem. First off, my hand is more tanned than in the picture but this was the best shot where the colors matched the reality. To the left we have the blusher wet, middle dry and to the right we have the bronzer. 

Yes you guessed it. The bronzer, which was the reason I bought it, is too muddy for me. When I wasn't tanned at all I looked like an oompa loompa. I should've taken a picture just to show you now. First thing I did was put my brush in it, gave it a good swirl, and on my face it went. A real rookie mistake loading it up and smack it on my face. You should build up the color you moron! Me being the moron here, not you guys! But we are all beginners at some point and I didn't think it would show up that much. It put me off for using it ever again. But I did and never did that mistake again. Now I have problem getting it to show up at all! I think the overspray was more pigmented than the actual product itself. Either way, I'm very confused by the product. From oompa loompa to nothing seems weird.
The blusher looks really nice and subtle. I am a very rosy person in myself so I am terrified of using blushers. I have tried it a few times and it wont show up on me. Looks really lovely swatched.

Have anyone of you tried this? Thoughts?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dove Summer Glow

I used the dark one of this way back when I was still in school. I didn't like it at all so I gave it to my mum who turned out to like it!
I looked high and low to find bronzer that wasn't Dove. I didn't find one. So I decided to give the lighter version a try. And oh man I still don't like it! The smell is horrible and it does nothing! Either my legs refuse to get tanned no matter what or this simply doesn't work. They got like a half shade darker and then nothing!
Anyone else have this issue?

Monday, 23 June 2014

Face Wash Update

I just thought I'd let you know how I got on with that face wash of mine that I raved about. It's almost gone and I'm still in love with it! It works just as well and my face has gotten alot better. True not all thanks to that facewash but it has helped. I've never liked a face wash this much and I'm actually thinking of repurchasing it. I've noticed that it has a taste too. Kinda fruity candylike but still in a gross kinda way.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Revlon Goodies

I had my poor sis running around Tokyo just to find me some Revlon Color Burst crayons. I've been all over them since I first saw them. They kicked off the lip crayon trend for me and I've been dying to get my mitts on them. Sadly they aren't sold here or anywhere close to me so I asked her to look for me whilst she was over there. And now I have pleanty to play with. I've tried honey, complex and the lipbutter Juicy Papaya so far. I've yet to give them a green flag and try them all out. So far I like the lipbutter the best. Honey is a very close mlbb for me. I've got raspberry colored lips by nature. I looked and read all kinds of reviews and swatched before I decided to spring for these.
 42 Juicy Papaya, 01 Honey, 15 Demure, 10 Elusive, 05 Complex.
 They all came in cute plastic packaging. All the text on them except name and number are in Japanese and I get zero if it! Worse is that all the text on the crayons themselves are in Japanese. My only way of knowing their names in the future is either to memorise them or save the plastics. 
Same order as above.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so pleased too see so many of you have found my little corner of the web! And that you are from so many different countries! It just warms my little heart! And then comes the questions, how did you find your way here? Did you enjoy your "visit"? Did you like the reading? C'mon guys and get those fingers tapping down below! ;-)

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Art of Giftgiving

Is it jsut be or is it harder to shop for men? We all have, or at least I hope you all have, a special man in your life. Might it be your boyfriend, your dad, grandpas or just a friendly neighbour or cousin. I find it easier to shop for my fiance. Not that he often expresses what he wants, but I know him through and through. My dad on the other hand. He never expresses what he wants or if he's pleased with what I give him. I try to give him practical yet thoughtful things. Things I know he'll use. No point in spending that much effort in something that will collect dust. Even harder is my male cousin. he turns fifteen which around here is a pretty big deal. I won't give that any consideration though. I'm gonna give him something I know he'll get some use out of. I want one myself and I need one. So he will definetly need one too. Curious? I'm gonan give him a juicy cube. Not the original since we don't have it here. My Samsungs battery is starting to get wonky or the new OS Kitkat is killing it. My cousin have an Iphone and they are notorious for having lousy batterytime! I don't want him to get stuck without juice and not being able to call home. Safety and caring!

What do you give the men in your life when your fantasy draws a blank?

Friday, 6 June 2014

Nail it Friday: Nordic Cap White

Since I'm in a summer mood and I'm still obsessed with Essies A Stroke of Brilliance I decided to go on the other side of the colorwheel. I picked a solid white polish. The only solid white I have in fact.

Nordic Cap is a very cheap and budgetfriendly brand. Their products are very questionable. I like their showergels. But I don't like their lipsticks, they smell too much of coconut and the pigmentaiton is horrible. I havent tried any of their shadows or lipglosses, and I don't think I ever will. Their nailpolishes, which I've got like three of, aren't that good either. They take forever to dry and they don't last very long. But they have fun and very unique colors. And if you want some color for just a few days they work.

I don't know if I like the effect of the two together. But I like the white to my summerbronzed skin.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Favorites

Where did this month go? I can't believe we are almost halfway through this year already. I will savour every summerday and save them in my heart to warm me up when the cold dark winter comes. I do not want winter and cold and dark and..bha. But now it's summer with lots of birds (and insects) sun, flowers and green, and some new makeup have seen the light of day.
This month I finally decided whether I liked some of my makeup or if I didn't. I've still got a few things to decide on. Must be better at wearing a full face of makeup. That can be my summerproject. That and using sunscreen.
First off is this huge bottle of goodness! It smells amazing and did wonders with my hair after just two uses! I've got very fine hairs that like to get knotty and flat. This gave my hair some volume and body as well as smoothness and shine. And this is just a conditioner!

My new obsession is my new faceprimer daycreme thingy. I love the feeling of it. Like I've just splashed some cold water on my face! And it makes my makeup stay longer and look awesome! I've never looked so "not dry" in my life!

I don't think anyone have missed my new glittsy polish from Essie! I got lots of compliments on it the week I wore it! You'll se lots of this on my instagram!

I've never tried anything from The Bodyshops bodyproducts before. But this caught my eye and let em tell you, I love it! It exfoliates and leaves a nice feeling afterwards. You can really tell it does what it's supposed to. And it leaves my skin feeling nourished because it has oils in it. I used it on my lips as well and it worked. It doesn't taste as good as it smells though. It smells of peaches but tastes like salt! I thought those were sugar crystals but now I know it's salt. Didn't taste it on purpose. I will definitely purchase the big one when I run out of this.

As always, my brows are loving this! Bam bam and my brows are done! Stay in place all day and the color doesn't fade. One stop for my brows!

My new mascara! Oh gosh! I can't remember the last time I loved a mascara from L'Oreal this much! It makes such a difference! My lashes looks longer, blacker and more defined. And now I have bottom lashes, who knew!? But you do get that panda-eye anime look. If you don't have that much product on the wand you can get a more natural look out of it. But I like the anime feel and it is a dream to wash off! Nothing you would bathe in though, you'd look like a panda!

My face have been a very happy camper this past month. I've had some really good skin days. And I think some of it is due to this peeling from Cliniderm. It has rice in it and can be used as a mask as well. First I scrub around my face with it, then I leave it on for a minute or two as a mask before I rinse it of.

I haven't mentioned this at all. Shame on me! It's just a basecoat from Depend, but it is a really good one! No more stained nails wohoo!

The days where I've been bothered to put eyeshadow on, this is what's been on my eyes! It's easy and foolproof and just enough color to get a soft eye on it's own. Put the 24h color tattoo Bad to the Bronze under to get maximum staying and a darker eye!

 I finally decided on this. I like it! It gets the job done and actually stays put. It isn't too drying and it blend beautifully. I get why it's loved throughout the entire blogosphere even though I'm late to the party.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Which palette?

Guys, I seriously need your feedback on this! I am seriously considering to spend some money on myself and treat me a nice palette! I spend money on my loved ones without thinking twice about it. But on myself? Hardly ever. So for once, I thought of being nice to myself. Because you know I'm worth it. But then comes the next problem. Which one should I get? The Naked 1, 2, 3 or basic? Or the Too Faced chocolate bar? Or one of Sleeks? Or one of Benefits boxes? Or Smashbox? The Lorac Pro lloks like fun but I don't think I can get ahold of it here.  You see my dilemma? Which one is worth it? Which one is the most versatile? And which one to avoid? Doesn't have to be one I've mentione either. Any opinion is welcome! I was completely snowed in on the Naked palettes and debated which one to get but then I found the chocolate bar. 
Best help might get rewarded a little something.