Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Favorites

So we're done with October and we're eagerly awaiting my month! Not really mine but I'm a November child.
October for me went by in a flash. I've tried some new things and some have made their way here. The rest will certainly come in due time.

 First off, a hair mask from Gunry. I use it once a week to the ends of my hair. Just to give them some love. And gosh do I love the smell of this?! It smells like summer strawberries. And it gets the job done.
 The only facial scrub I've ever used is Niveas skin refining scrub. It's essentially blue gue with small specs inside. It's very gentle to my sensitive skin. It removes dead skincells, cleans and re hydrates. It's the second or third tube I'm using. Lasts a very long time I might add.
 And this yellow ray of sunshine might look familiar if you've read my blogpost on it. Simply love it. I found that it left less residue if I sprayed it in damp hair. Just a tip for you.
 No one can have missed the rave about Maybellines color tattoos. I will be doing a side by side review of these soon. The last week or so I have used them together and it looks stunning! I have on and on bronze and rose gold.
Another new love of mine is this sort of translucent settingpowder from Rimmel. I don't know about the clear complexion part since I haven't used it for that long. But my guess is it doesn't hurt either.

Have you tried any of these? What's been your fave thing through October?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Lets go blonde!

I am a natural honeyblonde but lately I feel like I'm going really dark. And I don't want that, I like being all honey! I didn't find any silvershampoos or lightning effect shampoos in my local grocery store so I turned to my all time favorite and savior feelunique!

It is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go blonder lightening shampoo. It says to "gradually lighten blonde hair for a year-round sun-kissed look". I thought that sounded promising and went ahead and got the smaller bottle, in case I didn't like it. I've never tried anything from this brand before so I had no previous expectations or hopes.
21 SEK (£2.05 & $3.32)

It is supposed to contain chamomile and citrus. But it smells like one of those "after coloring treatments". And that is sort of what it feels like as well. It's yellow and lathers like a shampoo and it feels like it packs alot of nourishing benefits. But my hair doesn't need that. My hair isn't damaged from coloring or heat styling. It just weighs my hair down and makes it feel, well, a bit well to taken care of. My hair can't absorb all the goodness, since it doesn't need it. And for the most important part, the lightning effect? I've been using it twice a week for a month and I can't see any difference what so ever! I saw more difference after two washes when I put citrus liquid that comes in those plastic citrus-bottles in my hair. Honestly! It works but I'm quite sure it's not that good for your hair in the long run.

I will be using it up just to see if I get any results at all but I won't be purchasing the big bottle of this.

Hope you found this helpful. Have you tried this or any other lightning effect shampoos? Please let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

I read a fun tag this morning on the lovely from head to toe's blog and  hey, why not do it too?

1. Name a beauty regiment that you rarely do.
   Oh wow, there's way to many of them. To anme one that really annoys me that i don't do is using an eyecream. I use my normal daycream there too so it's not like I'm forgetting my eyes.

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularaly?
    As a matter of fact, yes I do! I don't want any germs or ickyness on my brushes that then go on my face.

3. How long will you last with chipped nailpolish?
    Not long at all. Til I get home and can take it of an repaint my nails. I hate having chipped nails or dirty looking nails. I think that comes with my other hobby.

4. How long will you put of buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
   Depends on what it is really. And what mood I'm in. I look around alot to find new stuff and great bargins since makeup is something between two and three times the price here compared to U.S and U.K.

5. What is your worst beauty habbit? 
    Not using a face primer! But that will change very soon! I have my eyes on a little gem and will give it a closer inspection later today!

6. Name something none beauty related that you put off doing all the time.
    Doing dishes! Boring I know. But it's the truth. I do the dishes and a few hours later it looks like someone had a massive party and forgot to clean up. And we are only two! Plus a dog. But I have a theory about that. NEIGHBOURS!!

7. When going somewhere do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
    No I don't. I get ready as soon as I can. An hour before I have to go at the latest. I am very keen on being on time and I'm rather there too early than in the last minute.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
    Of course I can. But I don't like doing it.

9. How organized is your makeup and nailpolish collection?
    My nailpolish is very well organized, the rest not so much. You can find my nailpolish organization on my Instagram.

And that is it for that tag. I'd love to read your answers!

Monday, 21 October 2013

All the rave about Batiste

I've heard so much raving about the Batiste dry shampoos. Are they worth the hype? Are they any good? The simple answer to that is: kinda.

If you aren't familiar with what a dry shampoo is it's exactly what it sounds like. A shampoo you use on dry hair the days you don't wash your hair or your roots are starting to look a bit iffy.
This one is 150 ml and cost 40 SEK ( £3.84 & $6.22 )

It smells really nice of coconut and the distribution of it is ok. But why, oh why, does it have to leave a whitish look to your hair?! I don't get it. I thought it only did that to brown and black hair, but no. It does that to my blonde hair as well. That's the only downside really. That and that it doesn't add any volume to my hair at all. I've heard someone on youtube saying she got a little bit of volume in her hair by using this. It doesn't say that it should do that anywhere on the packaging. So it's not like it's breaking a promise. It took me two times to use it before I got the hang of how it worked and got a good result from it. I like it but I will not get this scent again. At least not until summer. I think I will try the clean and clear one instead.

Monday, 14 October 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Now I can't wait any longer! I simply must show you guys what I've gotten the last few weeks. I'm waiting for two palettes as well but they are taking too long!

 A pretty bad overview picture. Scroll down and get into the goodies.
 A mini sized lightning shampoo from John Frieda. I thought it would be bigger. Used it once already.
 I thought I would be nice to my skin and get into using masks more. The orange one had two as well but one is already used. And I liked it! They are a deep cleansing mud mask and a pore minimizing mud mask from Formula 10.0.6
 I'm now getting into my "winter skin" which is way paler than my summer skin so I needed a new setting powder. And I thought I would give this  clear complexion powder from Rimmel a whirl.
 A freebie from Biotherm. First thing ever from them I'm trying or using. This is gonna be fun since my skin is so picky about what it likes.
 Again on the winter skin. I picked this Wake me up foundation from Rimmel. I've neard so much about it and thought "hey, why not". I've tried it twice so far. I got the right shade using
 Found this really cheap in a physical store. It is a dry shampoo from Batiste in the tropical fragrance. And by tropical they mean coconutty.
 Found this bad boy at half price and simply couldn't resist. Have tried another one from Olay but didn't like it that much. I have been using this since I got it. It is the 7 in one daily moisturiser with spf 15.
And lastly some armcandy! Aren't these colors so much fun?! I thought I could paire one color at a time between the two black ones. And I love them! A navy blue, a neon limeyellow and a neon orange. I refuse to lay of all right colors just because we're getting into gloomier weather here in scandinavia.

I hope you liked this haul. I don't know if you want more or less info about each product? I will be doing reviews on all of these in coming weeks. Which one do you want to read first?

They are all purchased at different times and different places. Some in physical store and some online.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

From my heart.. each and every one of you: Thank you! Thank you so much for reading my blog! I just checked the pageview count and seriously, I'm stoked. Thank you!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

September Favorites

Can you believe it? It's October already!! How on earth did that happen? I remember thinking waaay back in January that wonder how this year is gonna be? Is it gonna be a good fast paced one or is it gonna drag it's feet. I guess I have  my answer now.
So what have I been liking through September? Not that much new stuff I'm afraid. It's been a pretty basic and sick month for me so I haven't worn that much makeup. And when I have, it has been either the maybelline rosemetallicy one or a standard brownbronzy eye. I am trying to play around with some more darker browns and matte colors. It is hard! And for nails..Oh my I almost only own summery colors!

 My trusty bodylotion which I have done a full review of.
 Coca smelling finegritted bodyscrub from a brand I've never heard of before.
 My go to red sparkly nailpolish from Essie. Leading Lady. LOVE it!
 My first ever eyeshadowprimer ever! It's from makeupstore and works really well. It even makes my cheap eyeshadows last all day.
 Makeup store microshadow in 2A1 Satin. My favorite highllighter or all over base.
It's very sparkly and shear once you blend it out.

Have you tried any of these?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Everything that shimmers

In my last monthly favorites post I promised a post on the Rimmel Sunshimmer 3 in 1 Bronzer. And here it is! Mine is in 001 Gold Princess.Love the name!

I picked it up from lookfantastic  16 weeks ago. I'm telling you Instagram has a great function! It looked promising and I really liked the fact that it had three shades in one! I thought it would be slightly shimmery but it's megashimmery! The pictures doesn't do it justice. It's megasparkly! I use it more as a highlighter than a bronzer. And I mostly use the two lightercolors. The third is too coppery for my taste.
 Tried being a bit artistic with my new DSLR.
As I said, very shimmery. My fav is the lightest color to put on my cheekbones and down the nose.

It looks beautiful on, but it can be a bit hard to blend out to make it look a bit more natural. Or it's just my brush who isn't the best one for this type of product. It stays on all day and my mum actually got the same one just recently. 

I really like it and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sparkly bronzer for that healthy glowing effect. As a bronzer and warming up your face I'd say go for another one. I know I will til next season. And the price point isn't too bad either. 67SEK (£6 & $10)