Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Those BarryM

I've heard sooo many youtube gurus rave about the BarryM Gelly hishine polishes and when I found them on asos with free shipping I simply couldn't resist. I had such high hopes for these two and really wanted them to be great. But they are not. The color is exactly as the bottle so pluspoints for that but the formula is crap. It applys unevenly and streaky. I've had a few feeks to play around with them and try them out with basecoat under, without absecoat, thick layers, thin layers, you name it. And they simply don't work for me. I'm really sad and if I could I would return them. A nailpolish for me must be fuzz free and apply evenly without me having to mess around way to much with it. And another thing, it takes longer than usual for it to dry. Love the colors, hate the formula. I'm sorry BarryM.

 £3.99, $6.38 and rughly 41 SEK

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Magic Bodylotion?

Let's talk some bodylotion shall we. I've been searching a long time for a lotion that actually nurishes my skin and makes a visible difference. I found this by accident and decided to give it a whirl. And it is the best accident I've ever found! It is the L'Oreal sublime body. I'm guessing it's a part of the sublime series which includes a body-bronzer. I'm not sure. It promises to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours and let me tell you it does. Sadly enough I didn't take any before pictures of my skin but it looked like cracked savannah earth. Now it's smooth and visibly less dry. I've been using it for about a month or so but not every day. I'm really abd at using these things on a regular basis. I noticed a big difference already the next day but thought it had to be my imagination. But no. It really does work like magic.

It smells very citrusy but nothing abnoxious. It was very affordable too. 40SEK (£3.93 & $6.32)
And best of all, it's light weight and soaks into your skin immediately and leaves no stickyness at all!

Have you tried this? What's your thoughts?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Beauty and other favourites of August

I know, I know, we're well over one week into september and everyone elses favs are up but I'm gonna do this anyway and hope my internet doesn't come crashing down on me. Again!! I've been trying out some new things and some made it straight onto here and some I want to try just a little bit more. I'll review them either way.
First things is the scarf. And I mean THE SCARF! Oh my how I love it. My sister who is currently in Japan sent it to me from there. I've worn it a ton. If I was wearing anything else that clashed with the scarf I changed that clothing to something that didn't. Forget wearing brightly colored bags with this! It is so soft and so gorgeous! I like how it's gradually changing colors. It's from Old Navy which we haven't got anywhere where I live. 
So, this lil guy made it to my favourites! I still love it and use it every single day I wear makeup. If you want to know more about it I have done a full review of it.
 It's not my favourite mascara of all time but it's the best cheap mascara I've come across. This particular one I got for free with another order and I have a backup one as well. It's from Yves Rocher. An online and by mail makeup ordering company. They have makeup, skincare and you name it. I love that the brush is smaller on the middle and it opens up my eyes. Almost giving it that dollike effect. It isn't waterproof though and not intensely black. Which isn't a concern for me.
I've talked so much about this bronzer it seems like. It is the Rimmel sunshimmer 3 in 1 bronzer. Mine is in 001 gold princess. I actually managed to drop it just before I took the picture, that's why there's a piece missing. It is as the name suggests very shimmery so contouring is out of the question. And I don't particularly care for the darkes part of it. It's to coppery for me. The other parts of it I use as you normally woud use a bronzer. On the highpoints of my face where the sun naturally hits. Down the nose, forehead at the hairline and cheekbones.
A new favourite of mine. Got it a week or so ago and feel head over heels for it! It is the Maybelline 24h colour tattoo in pink gold. It mealts and reacts with heat from your fingers since it is a cream, so a brush is of no use. Feels a little bit awkward at first but you get used to it. Depending on heat and time you can get it from very subtle to very metallicy. Will be doing an in dept review on this in the near future!
And lastly, my new trainingpants from H&M! The silvery bit on the leg is reflective which I noticed first after I got them so that's a plus! It has a pocket on the bum which does fit my phone! How super is that!!? Normally if you're lucky enough to have a pocket will fit just about a key. Or two. They are super comfy and doesn't look silly on.

What have you been loving through august? Found something new to love?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How about monthly favourites?

I'm thinking about doing a monthly favourites here. And I'm sure I will. But right now there's no poin int rying to upload pictures on here since my internet is having a fit! Argh! I feel so left out and somehow crippled.
The original thought was to film one and put it on youtube. But right now, I don''t own a camera that's good enough. My ordinary digicam has ok sound quality but horrible video quality and my phone is the other way round.
I love watching them and reading them online so I will definetly be doing one, one way or another. Would you guys like that?