Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Refreshing Coca

If you were one of the lucky few (2) who saw my instagram picture of the Palmers Cocoa Butter Cleansing formula for sensitive skin you might be wondering how I liked it. I love it! There are a few minor things I don't like about it but for the most part I'm really pleased! I've had it for 11 weeks now and it was one of three things I got from feelunique. I had heard lots about the site and had to try it out. And I just happened to be looking for a new cleanser. Since I've got very sensitive skin I can't use just about anything but all the ingredients sounded like they could work. I really like the fact that there's cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitamin E in it! It promises to "lift away dirt, oil and makeup without leaving delicate facial skin feeling dry, tight or stripped. Suitable for all skintypes." It really does remove all dirt, oil and all kinds of makeup! I don't need to go over with my makeup remover afterwards. It is amazing! It lathers a little bit and smells of coconut. At the same time it has a very odd undertone smell to it. And for the minor drawback it does feel like it dries my skin out a little bit and it feels tight afterwards. Not that it hurts or bothers me. It hasn't broken me out or messed up my skins balance. It has cleared it up and soothed it somewhat. I really like it! I highly recommend it to anyone who has dry and sensitive skin if you don't mind your face feeling just a little bit tight afterwards.

And now to the really good news, the pricetag! For 150 ml/5,1 fl.oz £3,95 ( $6,52 and my currency 43 SEK) I will forever be grateful that they have free worldwide delivery! Thank you!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sand on my face

We used to have Rimmel over here and back then it didn't interest me at all. But as I started to watch youtube beautygurus and seeing them rave about the brand made me curious. And to my disappointment I couldn't find it. I found them online and was so close to buying one. I did some research about the foundation  and the shades and didn't find anything helpful So imagine my joy when I found it across the sea for a reasonable price and got to try out a shade that matched my face perfectly. And I did find one. It is the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation with chamomile, cotton and cucumber. I'm always afraid of trying a new foundation. Will it fit my face, will it look good and last all day and most importantly- will it brake me out? I've got very sensitive skin and have had bad reactions to soooo many foundations. But the fact of the natural healthy ingredients in it persuaded me to be brave and try it. And man do I love it! The chamomile helps with my redness. The cucumber is supposed to help clarify and the cotton is for shine control
. And honestly, I have to say that they do the trick! I have nothing to complain about. I don't use a primer underneath so it doesn't look as good after 8 hours but it's still there. And not too much shine. I don't have oily skin normally but the heat makes it a little bit shiny. It hasn't broken me out and I'm really really pleased. Only downside is that I can't find this shade online. I'll keep looking.
I ended up paying 70 DKK (80SEK, £8, $12,53)
It looks very pink but it's not. It's a light to medium coverage. You can put two layers on without it looking odd.
It blends really nicely. I found that it works just as good with a sponge as a foundation brush. Haven't tried applying it with a duo fibre brush yet.

Have you tried this foundation?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Back for pink

When I was over in Helsingör, Denmark, the other week I found a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Due to last posts disappointment I was keen to try it out. I absolutely love the color! It's the perfect pastelly shimmery Barbie-pink with purple and blue sparkles in it, making it a bit colder. Which suits my skincolour perfectly! I'm very fair with yellow undertones, typically scandinavian if you will. The lastingpower is about average. I did some dishes the second day and it started chipping. Bear in mind I didn't use a clearcoat. Didn't look to horrible but after four days I had to take it off. Only downside I've noticed is that it gets boilingbubbles very easily. So it must dry properly between the layers or it will get those typical boiling dots. Nailpolish has a thinning ingredient which allows us to get it out of the bottle in the first place. And as that chemical thinning ingredient disappears in contact with air the polish hardens. But as I was to eager, I put the second coat on to early, and it didn't get the chance to disappear properly and got stuck inbetween and created those bubbles. I think that's the best way to discribe it.

I have no idea how I messed up my glittery ringfinger. Think the two polishes went to battle and both lost.
Gosh just remembered I forgot to tell you what the name of the polish is. It's from La Femme and apart from that it doesn't say shade or number or anything. I paid 20DKK (23 SEK, £2,3 and $3,56 for it. Really cheap!

Have you ever managed to get those boilingbubbles or it's just me?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Twice as pink

Not that long ago I posted a picture on instagram of my new nailpolishes I was super excited to try out. I love me some nailpolish! I didn't own any pinks so I thought it approperiate to get some. And they were 25 SEK (£2,49 & $3,79) each which is pretty cheap.

I'm trying to get better at using a basecoat under my polishes so I don't stain my nails. The one I'm using here isn't really a basecoat as much as a polish I had laying around. I'm not that old so I need the age repair properties but it's nice and I got it for free a few years back.

I was most excited to try the light pink one, thinking I had ordered a pastelly pink. Oh was I out for a surprise! It's more of a nude peachy pink with silver and golden sparkles in it. And let me be the first one to say that I usually love glitter in nailpolishes, but not this one. It applies streaky at first and without the basecoat it looked really bad. It looks alot nicer with the basecoat with peachy undertones. No, I really don't like this one! I only put on one coat in the picture because that's as pretty as it will ever get. With two it looks piggy pink and with three it looks more similiar to the bottle but still not what I want.

I was very unsure about the fushia and ordered it thinking if I didn't like it I could always give it to someone else. Surprise surprise I did like it! Like alot! It's the perfect toenail colour! It's a redish pink with somewhat blue undertones! It's really pretty and makes my skin look a bit more tanned than it really is. I had it on for two days and worked really hard with my hands before it started to show signs of chipping. So with normal use and a topcoat over I think this has a great staying power!